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Visión de Vidal is a collection of antiques and fine art, stemming from Biblical to Native American; Modern to Classic; Realistic to Impressionism. 

Visión de Vidal's mission is to offer a wide landscape of fine art to the professional marketplace; to galleries, to individuals, corporations and to the field of interior and exterior design.


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This page is dedicated to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to my late husband, Miguel Vidal, 
who passed December 24th, 2013.  I thank them both for their unconditional love;
as well as, Richard Alton King, Mary T. King Christianson, Miguel and Carmen Vidal,
David Christianson, Michael and Carolyn Valdez, and to my extended family. 
I would like to thank Cat McDonald for her inspiration, my dear friends Robert
and Cissy Peace for their blessings, and to Mary Keehl for her support.

Thank you for enspiring me in my times of need
and for the great encouragement you have provided.

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"Mi Bandito - El Chingon" - Oil - 20' x 40'
Vision de Vidal Antiques and Art
Quill, Writing with Ink Well
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